I write in several genres, but most recently SF and crime fiction.

Most recent fiction publications:

Short story, "Doma Grei", published in Black Candies, April 2015.

Short story, "Jimmy", published in Bourbon Penn, Issue 10, March 2015.

Other fiction publications:

Short story, "Life at Sea," published in Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine, July 2005.

Short story, "Might," published in Bridge magazine, December, 2004.

Flash fiction, "Africa," published in NFG magazine, 2004.

Short story, "Summertime in Lindos," published in In Posse in issue 17, February, 2004. (note: this story was written in 1986)

Short story, "By the Sea," published in Shred of Evidence in August 2003.

Short story, "Holding the Money," published in Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine in Spring 2003.

Short story, "Aguila Through Rain," published in South Dakota Review in Winter 2001.


"By the Sea" was nominated for a 2003 Pushcart Prize

"Getaway" took honorable mention in the 2003 Writer's Digest writing contest

In process:

I have completed a literary detective novel, San Diego Serenade, currently in revisions. I am about 1/3 into a series detective novel, Stepping on the Devil's Tail. After this I expect to return to work on Charing Cross Station, a literary novel, and All Forgotten Things, a science-fiction medical suspense novel.

Several short stories are always in process or under consideration by various magazines.


I occasionally publish non-fiction as part of my ongoing interest in educational technology and related fields, ranging from articles in magazines such as Syllabus to conference proceedings to chapters. See also my vita.